Kamasutra Lessons, to help you master in bed.

Kamasutra is a book written by Vatsayayana in India the book is written originally in Sanskrit an ancient Indian language, is considered to be the top most literature available in the world about sex and different sex positions. The book not only talks about sex positions and sexual satisfaction it also talks about the dos and don’ts for men and women to healthy long life and the basics of Ayurveda, which is must for everyone to live healthy and long life.

Following are the extracts from the book that mostly people don’t know or don’t talk about

1. the most interesting part of Kamasutra is its kissing lessons.

People mostly in India did not give importance to kissing in times when the book was written and Vatsayayana not only emphasized on kissing but also suggested many different tricks and positions for kissing. He categorized kissing into three categories      1. Throbbing kiss 2. Measured kiss, and 3. brushing kiss. He also prescribed the places of kiss such as breasts, forehead, chest, mount inside of the mouth etc.

2. Kamasutra suggested that women needs more than penetration.

Kamasutra cleared the misconception that, women only needs penetration to enjoy and be satisfied, instead Kamasutra suggested that, she must be aroused first with foreplay, he also elaborated the topic of foreplay and mentioned different types of foreplay acts and techniques. Penetration should start only when she is fully aroused.

3. Kamasutra also suggested that women must also be educated before marriage.

Going against the common beliefs of the society, Kamasutra gave importance to sex education for women before marriage and that she must also be taught the 64 sex positions and learn how to allure his man. She must also play some games and have knowledge about the world because a smarter woman is more sexually attractive.

4. Kamasutra described different sizes and different positions depending on the size.

Kamasutra also talked about the size of Linga  [Penis] and Youni  [vagina].  According to Vatsayayana the size matters and he also classified men and women on basis of size. He further elaborated that; to have true satisfaction one should adopt sexual positions which are suitable to their size. So that, both can feel true love and deep satisfaction.

5. Kamasutra proposed 64 different positions.

Kamasutra suggested 64 different positions, because of which it’s the only ancient literature on the face of the earth which explains a topic like sex to its best. In fact Vatsayayana himself tried all those positions with his wife, and wrote them in his book. He may have tried many different position but according to his experience he suggested 64 of them to the world. For his great work Vatsayayana will be remembered for years.

The Kamasutra emphasizes on living a well-balanced and healthy life.

Apart from talking about sex, the book gives you tips on how to live a healthy life. It adds that a healthy man and woman make a healthy union, and looking at the type of positions the books talks about for sex, it’s no wonder it requires its readers to be healthy. TheKamasutra also says that a man must shave his face regularly and  get rid of hair in other parts of the body. It also dictates that a man or couple should live in a house with breeze and sun light, have a bath regularly, brush their teeth well and maintain a healthy appearance at all times.

The Kamasutra talks about approaching and enticing a woman. <h2>

The book gives men detailed tips on how to talk to a woman in order to entice her. It also tells men about the ways they should touch and express their desire to have sex. It states the men can start by touching a woman’s shoulder to express desire and watch for signs of her reciprocating the same desire. The suggestions then move on to types of touch and embraces that can tell you if a woman is interested.

The Kamasutra talks about 8 different types of embraces.<h2>

The Kamasutra stipulates the start of intercourse with an embrace. While it does teach a man how to approach a woman and how a woman can reciprocate, the book talks about the eight essential forms of embrace. They are Jataveshtitaka (or the twining of a creeper),Vrikshadhirudhaka, or climbing a tree, Tila-Tandulaka, or the mixture of sesame seed with rice, Kshiraniraka, or milk and water embrace. The other are the thigh embrace, breast embrace, jaghana (or thigh) embrace and the head embrace.  All these are meant to increase proximity and intensify pleasure. It can be considered a form of foreplay.

The Kamasutra divides sex into 64 acts.

Contrary to popular belief the Kamasutra does not have a list of positions but divides sexual intercourse into 64 acts that include penetration. The book is divided into chapters that talk of stimulation of desire, types of embraces, caressing, kissing, scratching, biting, positions for sex, slapping, types of moans, oral sex and how to start and end the entire process. All this spans over 10 chapters.

The Kamasutra recommends women to scratch their partners.

This again is to be done by women only and has eight varieties depending on the type of scratch, they are — discus, half-moon, circle, line, tiger’s claw, peacock’s foot, hare’s leap and lotus leap. For men on the other hand, the book suggests they resort to biting in times of extreme pleasure.

The Kamasutra recommends that a woman should climax first.

The treatise recognises that a woman can orgasm a number of times. During intercourse, she can and should satisfy her man despite having had one orgasm — unlike the slump in energy a man experiences after an orgasm. You can read up on the multiple ways you can give your woman a mind blowing orgasm.